7 Dog Food Allergies You Probably Didn’t Think Your Dog Has

Is your dog constantly itching, scratching, or suffer from ear infections? You may have tried to change grooming routines. But, you probably didn’t try to change your dog’s food! Dog Food allergies are becoming the most rising concern among dog owners. It can begin at any age with any dog […]

Dog Ear Infection Treatment: The 5 Best Steps DIY

Dog ear infection treatment, you probably didn’t think you can do it at home! Actually, you can. A dog with an ear infection is very common among all dogs in the world. If your dog has it, don’t panic. later on, you will know what’s the best dog ear infection treatment […]

The 3 Right Steps of How to Clip Dog Nails

Have you ever wondered why dogs hate nail clipping? Why my dogs’ nails come in different colors? Does my dog feel pain? And How to clip dog nails the right way?   All or some of these questions probably come up on your mind when you trim your dog’s nails. I have been […]

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth in 9 Steps and Reasons Why

You probably never thought about brushing your dog’s teeth but do you really need to brush their teeth?. Yes, because if you leave your dog’s teeth untreated, it could cause dental disease that will cause infection in your pet’s mouth. Also, the bad bacteria will affect your dog’s heart, liver, […]

How to Crate Train a Puppy – Your A-Z Guide

  Knowing how to crate train a puppy is an essential skill for every dog owner because it can come in handy more times than you think. Let’s answer a couple of questions first. Introduction to Dog Crates Before we get into crate training, let’s first get to know a […]