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Overgrown Dog Nails And Their Health Risks

  You and your stunning dog have many things in common. Perhaps both of you have prominent personalities and spread joy towards everyone around you. The thing I am referring to in this post, though, is nails. Take a look at yours and recall all the knowledge you know about nails. Most […]

How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding During Trimming

Have you ever cut your dogs nail too short? Did you need a way to stop dog nail bleeding? It’s very common when you trim your dog’s nails you cause bleeding. But, fortunately, there are many solutions to make dog nail bleeding stop. In fact, if you cause bleeding to […]

Dog Yeast Infection: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

You may have noticed your dog scratching heavily at their ear, or tilting their head to the side constantly. These actions can be signs of ear infection. Your pooch may suffer from dog yeast infection. What’s a dog yeast infection? Dog yeast infection occurs when yeast begins to reproduce heavily. Usually […]

Dog Beef Allergy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Beef is the most common dog food allergy. In fact, 34% of dogs with reported reaction have a beef allergy. If your dog is suffering from skin disorders, ear infections, breathing troubles, this probably because they are allergic to beef. In general, food allergies are caused when the immune system attacks invading […]

Dog Ear Infection Treatment: The 5 Best Steps DIY

Dog ear infection treatment, you probably didn’t think you can do it at home! Actually, you can. A dog with an ear infection is very common among all dogs in the world. If your dog has it, don’t panic. later on, you will know what’s the best dog ear infection treatment […]

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth in 9 Steps and Reasons Why

You probably never thought about brushing your dog’s teeth but do you really need to brush their teeth?. Yes, because if you leave your dog’s teeth untreated, it could cause dental disease that will cause infection in your pet’s mouth. Also, the bad bacteria will affect your dog’s heart, liver, […]