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Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop: 5 steps to Stop Nail Bleeding

Whether you have been clipping your dog’s nails for years or still are a newbie and are afraid of cutting your dog’s nails too short, know that mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, clipping your dog’s nails too short leads to bleeding, and I will explain why and how to prevent it. […]

Overgrown Dog Nails And Their Health Risks

  You and your stunning dog have many things in common. Perhaps both of you have prominent personalities and spread joy towards everyone around you. The thing I am referring to in this post, though, is nails. Take a look at yours and recall all the knowledge you know about nails. Most […]

How to Trim Dog Nails in 5 Steps

Every time I trim my dog nails, I think about all pet parents. Cutting your dog nails make a lot of parents a little twitchy. The reason behind it, many don’t know the right way of “ how to trim dog nails”, also the thinking about inflicting pain your pooch […]

Trim Dog Nails: 2 Simple DIY Methods Without Clippers

Learning how to trim dog nails is a must for every dog owner. Your dog nails can grow very long ending up into a curve. The curved nails can split or hooked on your carpets and rugs. Of course, nobody wants that! Some dogs hate trimming their nails and they […]

The 3 Right Steps of How to Clip Dog Nails

Have you ever wondered why dogs hate nail clipping? Why my dogs’ nails come in different colors? Does my dog feel pain? And How to clip dog nails the right way?   All or some of these questions probably come up on your mind when you trim your dog’s nails. I have been […]