Is Grain Free Dog Food a Fad ? All You Need to Know

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Grain Free Dog Food is thrown discussed a lot nowadays, but what is the truth about it?

You have heard about grain free dog food before. Right? Nowadays green free dog food is very popular among dog owners. But, the question is are they healthier for your dog than other food types? or it is just a trend? Keep reading you will know the answers.

In fact, the most important thing about dog food is whether this food provides balanced nutrition to your pooch. If you choose a food diet to your dog with excess or shortage of particular ingredient, your dog will suffer. Thus, all ingredients should be combined to provide complete nutrition. Actually, it is possible for grain free food to provide balanced nutrition to your doggie. However, this shouldn’t be the only option or the best option for every dog. Dogs are different, so there are different types of food and different diets that are suitable for every dog. 

Are grains bad for dogs?

No, grains aren’t bad for your pooch. In fact, there are several studies shows the opposite. Dogs used to have grains in their diets for years, actually, wheat and corn in your pooch’s ordinary food aren’t destroying their digestive system.

Dogs have four to 30 genes for amylase enzymes, that converts starch into simple sugars. That indicates dogs digest starch which is the main nutrient in grains like rice, wheat, and corn. That’s why dogs have the ability to adapt to human diets. Unfortunately, there are many dog food brands rely on those starches as fillers, in addition, they may genetically-modified wheat or rice. However, grains aren’t the problem in any dog food, but the proportions. A portion of good dog food should include protein as the first ingredients and shouldn’t be picked with unnecessary fillers, like too much potato or low-quality meat.

Why is grain free food popular?

  • Some dogs suffer from grain allergies like wheat, corn and other common grains so they need to have a diet that doesn’t contain any grains. People refer to it as grain free dog food even though it might be not.

  • Parents who don’t want to feed their dog too many carbohydrates in their diet. They assume grain free dog food a raw food diet with fewer carbs.

  • Many dog owners have the feeling that food with grains is low-quality dog food, which isn’t.

Is grain free dog food good for dog allergies?wheat-grain-allergy

There’s a huge misconception many dog owners have, that grain free dog food is the best for dogs’ allergies. The concern about food sensitivity is very high for both humans and pets. You have always thought about and questioned what are the symptoms of the allergies? Is your dog allergic to a particular food or not? You can find the answers to these question if you read this article 7 Dog Food Allergies You Probably Didn’t Think Your Dog Has.

In fact, grain allergy isn’t the most common allergy among dogs, but, beef allergy. According to researches, corn is found the least sources of food allergy. Actually, if you find your dog suffer from grain allergy, grain free food may provide relief. But, for dogs with other allergies, grain free food is not a cure and can’t provide the desired result. 

Choosing to feed your dog with grain-free diet is yours, however, you should choose a diet the includes balanced and complete nutrition for your dog.

Does grain free dog food mean carb free?

There’s another popular concept among pet owners which is, feeding grain free dog food help feed a high protein with low carbohydrates diet. In fact, that’s not true. You can find a grain free food contain many levels of carbohydrate that’s similar or may be higher than food with grains. You can find in many grain free diets ingredients such as potatoes, legumes, or sweet potatoes as a replacement that have more carbohydrates than common grain foods.

So, if you think you can cut the carb by feeding grain free food, you’re not. In fact, you may be increasing it.

Are all grains fine?

Choosing the best quality dog food is the most important thing. You shouldn’t choose a low-quality dog food that is full of rice and corn gluten. if you choose to feed your dog with a diet that includes grains, then the grains or carbs in it should be a small part of the food. Still, you doggie needs sources of protein.

If you are thinking that grain free dog food is healthier than other grain foods, actually there are a lot of high quality dogs food available which have balanced nutrition with a moderate amount of grain.

Points you should take care of

  • If your pooch gain weight easily, you should be cautious about grain free dog food. in fact, it is higher in calories than other foods.
  • You should take care of your dog’s diet. Certain types of diets can affect your dog causing a low taurine level, especially, diets that contain lamb meal and rice diets.
  • If needed you may feed your dog grain-free diet only if they have a problem with digesting grains

Pros and cons of grain free dog food

pros-cons-grain-free-dog-foodYou can find different opinions about grain-free diet. Some vets support it while others don’t recommend it at all. It’s very confusing to decide whether feeding your dog it or not.

Here are some advantages and disadvantage of grain free dog food according to owners’ experiences

pros-cons-grain-free-dog-foodPros of a grain-free diet

  • Easy to digest
  • Dogs with food intolerance prefer it, especially, dogs with gluten intolerance.
  • Improves the activity level of your dog

pros-cons-grain-free-dog-foodCons of a grain-free diet

  • Can cause weight gain
  • Contains carbohydrates
  • More expensive

You’re wondering if grain free dog food is a fad? I think, to some extent, it is. The real question, why you feed your dog with grain free diet if they don’t have any allergies? It won’t hurt your pooch’s health if they eat a portion of high-quality food with some grain in it.

Send me your questions and I will be more than pleased to answer them all.


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