How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding During Trimming


Have you ever cut your dogs nail too short? Did you need a way to stop dog nail bleeding? It’s very common when you trim your dog’s nails you cause bleeding. But, fortunately, there are many solutions to make dog nail bleeding stop.

In fact, if you cause bleeding to your pooch, it might take a while to regain their trust. But, don’t worry! Styptic powder is always there.

The fact is, dog nail bleeding is quite common. It happens to all dogs. But first, let’s discuss why your dog’s nail may be bleeding.

Why may your dog’s nail bleed?

The anatomy of a dog’s nail is different from humans. We have a nail bed, plate, and root that are totally secured to every finger and we trim only the overgrown plate. On the contrary, dogs’ nails protrude directly from bones on each finger. These bones are covered by the quick.

Cutting the quick

The quick of a dog’s nails contains blood vessels and nerves. These vessels provide nutrition that makes the nails grow and grip. The outer layer of the nail is made from keratin which allows your dog to walks along hard surfaces. The quick protrude from the nail bed make every part of your pooch’s nail accessible. It’s easy to cut the quick by accident which causes some bleed.

Bleeding also may occur if you wear away too much keratin and the quick would be exposed.

The first thing to do after you cut your pooch’s nails too short is to stay calm. If you cut the nails too far, your dog will yelp and pull away. Actually, if you panic you will scare your dog more.

How to stop dog nail bleeding?

Before you start, take into consideration that the quick is very sensitive. If you cut it too short, your pooch’s body is battle with a lot of pain. That’s why you should keep your doggie as calm as you can while you try to stop the bleeding.

  1. Use a clean cotton cloth and pressure gently on your dog’s bleeding nail for about 2 minutes.
  2. It takes from 2 to 4 minutes for a bleeding nail to clot, set a timer to check it.
  3. If your dog is still bleeding, try for another 2 minutes.

You just followed those steps and the wound didn’t stop bleeding! It’s time to power some styptic powder.

Styptic powder

It’s the most efficient way to stop dog nail bleeding. In fact, most veterinarians will recommend it to treat minor cuts. The styptic powder contains benzocaine and ferric sub sulfate which help ease the pain and stop bleeding.

Two ways to use styptic powder, either you can dip your dog’s nail into the powder, or you can use an applicator until the bleeding stop.

If you can’t find styptic powder nearby, you can replace it with styptic pencils. They are usually available at the shaving section because of their usage to treat shaving injuries besides minor cuts. 

How to stop dog nail bleeding with styptic powder?

It will only take 30 seconds or less to stop the bleeding. The styptic powder will help ease the pain as well.

How to use styptic powder to make dog nail bleeding stop?

  • You can use moistened cotton and apply styptic powder directly to your dog’s nail. If your pooch is calm, you can dip their nails directly into the powder.
  • Keep moderate pressure on the nail for 30 seconds
  • If the bleeding doesn’t stop, reapply more powder.

How to stop dog nail bleeding with a styptic pencil?

  • Dip the styptic pencil in water to get it moistened
  • Rotate it around the bleeding nail
  • The silver nitrate will seal the injured nails very quickly

Dog nail bleeding after a walk

Sometimes you may notice your pooch’s nail bleeding after a walk. That means your dog has brittle nails.

In this case, you should walk your dog on soft ground instead of hard surfaces. If you ask your vet, he may provide you with the possible nutritional deficiencies that cause brittle nails. God forbid, if you find your furry friend has a deficiency, your vet would recommend supplements or specific dog diet.

Another thing can cause battle nails is a yeast infection. Fungal infection is very common among dogs, especially yeast ear infection. Thankfully, there are many ways you can cure infections.

dog-nail-bleedingAftercare tips

You should keep your dog rested after applying treatment for 30 minutes or more to help with coagulation and allow the scab to solidify. You can keep them occupied as long as you can to keep your pooch off their feet. By that, you will make sure they won’t re-injure their nails.

One other thing you should do, keep an eye on your dog’s injured nail for a few days to make sure it won’t bleed again.

How to clip your dog’s nails safely?

You’ll definitely want to know how to avoid any future accidents while trimming your pooch’s nails.

The first thing you should take care of is using the right type of clippers that fit your dog’s nails. There are different sizes of clippers you can choose from according to your canine.

After choosing the right tool, you have to identify the quick so you can avoid cutting it. You should cut 2 to 3 millimeters in order to not crush the nail.

To read more about how to clip your dog’s nails I think this article will help you more The 3 Right Steps of How to Clip Dog Nails

I know nail trimming isn’t an easy process to do it at home, but I have been in your shoes. Clipping your dog’s nails will become easy by practice and patience. The thing is trimming have to be a part of the grooming routine. Although there are no rules for how many times you should cut your dog’s nails, you should trim them as it takes.

Overgrown nails can be very painful for your doggie, they grip when walking.

If you feel you’re uncomfortable clipping your pooch’s nails, you can have them done at your vet or a grooming shop.

If you think you can do it, but you find the clippers aren’t easy to use, you can try the dermal method. Trim Dog Nails: 2 Simple DIY Methods Without Clippers this article will teach you how to trim dog nails in 5 steps without clippers.

I wish you find this article a helpful piece, however, if you find your dog nail bleeds more than 20 minutes, you should consult your vet immediately.

Leave your questions and I will be more than happy to answer them all.


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