Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop: 5 steps to Stop Nail Bleeding

Whether you have been clipping your dog’s nails for years or still are a newbie and are afraid of cutting your dog’s nails too short, know that mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, clipping your dog’s nails too short leads to bleeding, and I will explain why and how to prevent it. Most importantly, I will tell you what to do if dog nail bleeding won’t stop.

The bleeding happens because the quick gets cut. The quick is what supplies the nails with blood. It contains blood vessels and nerves, which explains where the pain comes from.

The most important thing is to stay put and not fret. Your dog will already be in pain, and if they sense your panic, they’ll become even more agitated. It is not the end of the world, so take a deep breath, get yourself together, and read how to stop a dog’s quick from bleeding.

dog nail bleeding won't stop

Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop -Step one

 – Calm down

Your dog is going to be in so much pain, so try to calm them down by patting them and offering them some treats. Like I just mentioned, your dog will be able to sense worry or fear in the room, so start by calming yourself then proceed to comfort them.

dog nail bleeding won't stop

Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop -Step two

– Use unscented soap

In case of minor bleeding, use an unscented bar of soap. Dampen the unscented soap and get it mushy, then press it on the nail or gently and slowly drag the nail across the soap bar. Keep the dog’s nail in the soap and apply some pressure for two to three minutes.

If the blood is gushing out your dog’s quick or the bleeding doesn’t stop after you use the unscented soap, then use styptic powder.

Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop -Step three

– Use Styptic Powder

What is it?

The styptic powder contains Ferric Subsulfate, which is a hemostatic agent. HEMO means blood and STATIC means stop, so. It is a very effective way to stop bleeding that is caused by cutting pets’ nail, declawing, and even scratching. The styptic powder doubles as a clotting agent and an antiseptic so that it will clean the cut, prevent bacterial infections,  and stop the bleeding at the same time.

If you are curious about how it stops the gushing blood, it does it by constricting the blood vessel of the quick. It does its job safely and quickly, but it can only be used on animals, so don’t use it on human cuts. Many vets keep a stock of this magical powder in their clinics.

How to use the styptic powder?

Pour some styptic powder into a bowl or on the palms of your hands. Dip your dog’s broken nail into the powder and apply pressure for one to two minutes. The pressure is essential as it helps with stopping the bleeding, so don’t forget to do that.

Unfortunately, the styptic powder stings, so try to give your dog a kong filled with treats. This will help them ignore the pain for a bit.

The kong is also very helpful because it will keep them busy for a while, which is essential because you don’t want your dog moving right after the bleed stops. If a kong fails, find another distraction that will keep your dog off their feet for thirty minutes. The thirty minutes begin after the nail stops bleeding.

Apply more styptic powder if the bleeding doesn’t stop. If the blood doesn’t stop after thirty minutes of using the powder, grab your dog, and take them to the vet.


Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop – Step four

– Bandage the wound

When you bandage the paw, you are applying even more pressure and so joining forces with the styptic powder or the unscented bar of soap. The power of two is always better than the power of one cause there is strength in numbers. Don’t wrap it too tightly; we don’t want to cut off the blood circulation entirely.

The bandage will also act as a barrier between the wound and direct contact with external factors such as directly coming in touch with the floor or the dog licking it.

Licking wounds is like a first instinct to animals, so a bandage will help. The fear here is not the dog contaminating the wound with its saliva. No, it is because it will cause the broken quick bleed again.

Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop – Step five

– Visit the Vet

If you reapply the styptic powder multiple times and thirty minutes pass yet the blood continues to gush, then it is time to go to the vet. Wrap your dog’s palm with a bandage, put them in their crate, give them their kong, and take them to the vet.

If the bleeding stops, I suggest you take your dog to the vet a couple of times during the next few weeks to make sure that wound isn’t infected.


Now that you know the 911 to your problem, I want to give you some tips that will reduce the occurrence of such incidents.

dog nail bleeding won't stop

Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop – How to prevent this?

If you want to trim your dog’s nails without cutting their quick and making them bleed, then make sure to read our How to Trim Dog Nails in 5 Steps blog post. I’ll sum up the process for you now, but I highly recommend you go read that post.


dog nail bleeding won't stop



  • Look for the quick and trim a quarter of an inch above it.
  • A Black dog’s nails are harder because you can’t see the quick, so it is safer just to file them down a bit.
  • Don’t cut the nail with one chop. Instead, follow hair cutting rules and snip one small bit at a time.
  • Gently file the nails after your trim them to even out the rough edges.
  • Don’t forget to reward your dog with some treats after every nail you cut and file.
  • Make it a weekly routine if your dog doesn’t participate in many outdoor activities.

dog nail bleeding won't stop

I hope you never cut your dog’ quick, but if you do, don’t overthink about it. It sometimes happens to professionals as well; just remember to stay composed and follow the steps. If you have any nail trimming questions, please leave them in the comments down below.




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