Dog Nail Bleeding Won’t Stop: 5 steps to Stop Nail Bleeding

Whether you have been clipping your dog’s nails for years or still are a newbie and are afraid of cutting your dog’s nails too short, know that mistakes do happen. Unfortunately, clipping your dog’s nails too short leads to bleeding, and I will explain why and how to prevent it. […]

Overgrown Dog Nails And Their Health Risks

  You and your stunning dog have many things in common. Perhaps both of you have prominent personalities and spread joy towards everyone around you. The thing I am referring to in this post, though, is nails. Take a look at yours and recall all the knowledge you know about nails. Most […]

German Shepherd Dog Training Tips You Must know

So you want to adopt a German Shepherd puppy, huh? I don’t blame you.  They’re super smart, healthy and highly adaptable. GSD will be your perfect hiking and running accountability partners, so kiss your procrastination days goodbye. If you’re worried about training them, I’ll tell you a couple of German […]

How to Stop Dog Nail Bleeding During Trimming

Have you ever cut your dogs nail too short? Did you need a way to stop dog nail bleeding? It’s very common when you trim your dog’s nails you cause bleeding. But, fortunately, there are many solutions to make dog nail bleeding stop. In fact, if you cause bleeding to […]

How to Trim Dog Nails in 5 Steps

Every time I trim my dog nails, I think about all pet parents. Cutting your dog nails make a lot of parents a little twitchy. The reason behind it, many don’t know the right way of “ how to trim dog nails”, also the thinking about inflicting pain your pooch […]

Dog Yeast Infection: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

You may have noticed your dog scratching heavily at their ear, or tilting their head to the side constantly. These actions can be signs of ear infection. Your pooch may suffer from dog yeast infection. What’s a dog yeast infection? Dog yeast infection occurs when yeast begins to reproduce heavily. Usually […]

Can Dogs Eat Corn? If so, Are They Good ?

Can dogs eat corn is a more important question than you think. Summer is almost here, it’s the season of grilling and barbecues. And because we love to share food with whom we care about, we feed our dogs with extra food, no matter what the food is. While most […]

Is Grain Free Dog Food a Fad ? All You Need to Know

Grain Free Dog Food is thrown discussed a lot nowadays, but what is the truth about it? You have heard about grain free dog food before. Right? Nowadays green free dog food is very popular among dog owners. But, the question is are they healthier for your dog than other […]

Dog Beef Allergy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Beef is the most common dog food allergy. In fact, 34% of dogs with reported reaction have a beef allergy. If your dog is suffering from skin disorders, ear infections, breathing troubles, this probably because they are allergic to beef. In general, food allergies are caused when the immune system attacks invading […]

Trim Dog Nails: 2 Simple DIY Methods Without Clippers

Learning how to trim dog nails is a must for every dog owner. Your dog nails can grow very long ending up into a curve. The curved nails can split or hooked on your carpets and rugs. Of course, nobody wants that! Some dogs hate trimming their nails and they […]